Result Driven Broker Technology


Result Driven Broker Technology


Result Driven Broker Technology


ParagonEx KPI driven Back Office

It’s All About Profits

  • Key Performance Indicator (KPI)-driven BackOffice with visualised personal and team-oriented dashboards

  • Increase interaction with clients and optimise operational efficiency

  • Multi-Site Support for managing multiple businesses and organizational units

  • Collect, control, and analyse data in real time from across the company: Sales, Marketing, Dealing Room and Risk Management, Payments, Finance, KYC, and Customer Support

Advanced Client CRM

Increase sales team motivation and overall performance by over 65%

  • Unique Hot-Leads algorithm, Customer Click-to-Dial integration, and In-Bound Automated Dialing features, decrease overall no-answer ending calls
  • 8+ years, 8500+ sales personnel, continually improved

Risk Management System

We love visibility and control and we know our partners do too

  • Benefit from live, up-to-date reports on symbol exposure, Profit & Loss performance, and market volatility
  • Utilise current market news and trends and benefit from specialised tools designed to manage high-risk traders

Integrated KYC Portal

Enjoy an 80% success rate on trader-submitted marketing optimisation documentation

  • Streamline your processes via ParagonEx's web and mobile platforms, with automated emails and status updates clients’ submitted documents
  • Automatically arrange clients into groups based on risk level and apply specific strategies to each sub-group

Marketing Optimisation Portal

Cut costs with an optimised marketing strategy

  • Centralise data and analytics across department with our Advanced Business Intelligence (BI) application
  • Monitor and track your marketing budget, trends, and KPIs with integrated and intuitive graphic reports


Trading Is for Everyone. Everywhere.

  • Gamified interface specifically designed for the "non-finance professional" retail customer

  • Customers can start trading in a matter of minutes and execute trades in as few "clicks" as possible

  • Multi-language support, advanced trading activity feed and platform widget support

  • Automated self-conversion bonus system and rebate calculations, increases self-conversions and encourages higher trading volumes

CFD Trader

Includes integrated trading tools, embedded financial calendar, and our exclusive rebate program

  • Unique Mass Insights algorithm automatically spots trends, surges, growth, and more
  • Improves trader confidence and increases trading activity by over 25%

Mobile Trading App

Includes all the advantages of the ParagonEx web platform

  • Advanced Trading Behaviour Tool spots market patterns, encouraging higher volume of up to 30%.Simple, comprehensive mobile trading solution
  • Available on any Android and iOS device


Convert traders who will only trade with MT4

  • Go-to trading application for traders of all skill levels
  • Seamlessly integrate this leading online trading platform with the ParagonEx BackOffice and receive full MT4 support


Your Success Is our Business

  • Complete turnkey solution for online brokers designed to ensure high success rates

  • Choose from basic, Technology-only packages to our full suite of comprehensive services

  • Custom-designed packages priced to meet individual brokers' needs

  • Scale your business easily with our optional Marketing and Lead Generation services

Smooth Migration

Get started quickly with a simplified migration process

ParagonEx can supply cost-effective quality leads in over 20 languages across 70 countries

Lead Generation

Scale your business with on-tap lead generation

ParagonEx can supply cost-effective quality leads in over 20 languages across 70 countries


Simplify every task with a single point of contact dedicated to ensuring your success

Ensure effective usage of our technology with system training and benefit from quick and effective technical support using an advanced support ticket system


Full redundancy structure supports 99.999% uptime in the most volatile market conditions

  • Robust, scalable, and highly customizable: built to provide white labels maximum business agility
  • Performance driven with proven results, handling hundreds of billions of dollars in transactions every month


Full Marketing Services from Branding to Localization

Other Marketing services include website design and development, offline Marketing campaigns and easy Affiliate Integration to advanced affiliate systems


Full Marketing Services from Branding to LocalizationAccess to multi-asset regulated liquidity from leading banks and trading firms

Single API connection connects to available liquidity 6 days a week

Software Upgrades

Stay on top with the latest technological advancements in the industry

Receive periodical software upgrades with new features designed to increase your profits


Additional solutions for your offering to boost sales and encourage higher volumes

Applications include Boiler Room App, Data Feed and Trading Signal Software

Why Choose ParagonEx?

Designed, Optimized and Perfected for Brokers, by Brokers

  • Personal assistance including set up, system training, sales training, and a hands-on Account Manager

  • Simplified trading experience because trading is for everyone. Everywhere.

  • Optimised resources and maximised revenue due to our unique KPI-driven BackOffice

Trader Engagement

Advanced algorithms automate specific email marketing campaigns and sales strategies

  • Trading Platform includes trader trading tips, one click executions and multiple additional features to increase trader engagement
  • Visualised status reports on individual trader behaviour help the sales team better assist customers

Sales Team Motivation

Personalised dashboards and monthly targets motivate sales teams to grow your client base

  • Trading Platform includes trader trading tips, one click executions and multiple additional features to increase trader engagementProgressive, KPI-driven CRM technology promotes healthy competition between employees
  • Decrease overall no-answer ending calls proven to increase sales team enthusiasm and desire for success

Increase Trading Volume and revenue

+ Sales team
= Increased trading
volume and revenue

  • Platform, BackOffice and underlying technology built to increase life time value of each trader
  • Decrease overall no-answer ending calls proven to increase sales team enthusiasm and desire for success
  • Based on the requirements of leading brokers who helped define the specifications for ParagonEx’s software

Packages & Pricing

Choose either our Full Support or Technology package to get started with our exceptional technological solution for online trading brokers

full support Full technology Tech.
Receive Pricing Details Receive Pricing Details
PARAGONEX Backoffice
MT4 Optional Optional
Lead Generation Optional Optional
Dealing Room Optional
Data Feed Optional
Liquidity Optional
Regulation Optional
Payment Processing Optional
KYC-Compliance Optional


Today, ParagonEx is the perfect example of a comprehensive revenue-driven brokerage solution

ParagonEx was founded in 2007 as a small technology company offering online brokers a simple off-the-shelf, stable trading platform and Back-Office. Dedicated to the idea of creating a completely perfect all-in-one online trading solution, we became obsessed with being the number 1 supplier of online trading technology.
We knew that to be number 1 we needed partners who shared our vision of what trading technology could be. To reach our goal, we found a couple of brokers to help us develop technology specifically geared toward enhancing their revenue and ours.
This partnership quickly produced the industry’s most advanced trading platform that has since helped clients generate revenues of millions of dollars.
Contact us to find out more.

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This is the story of how ParagonEx was developed, for brokers, by brokers.

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