The Best Back Office to Effectively Control Operations

ParagonEx Product Team August 15, 2016

Banking on dozens of years of cumulative experience with cumbersome and uninformative systems and with an understanding that back room staff is the key to success, the ParagonEX team developed its intuitive and comprehensive back office suite.


Simple to use, these powerful report-generation tools provide a real-time snapshot of all activities in the system. Based on extensive BI integration, ParagonEX back office enables customization and configuration of numerous features to meet changing business needs.

This state of the art web-based back office will provide your staff with maximum visibility and flexibility to optimize revenues and effectively control day to day operations. 

The back office is comprised of the five following components:

Dealing & Risk Management

  • Quick, user optimized, flexible Dealer Trading System
  • A Chief Dealer dashboard, allowing highest visibility and optimal risk management
  • Tools for definition of automated risk management
  • Extensive transactions reports
  • Trading profiles support allowing fast reactions to market conditions

Sales & Customers Support

  • Full control of leads and customer assignment to sales personnel including a powerful rule-based engine for automated assignment allowing scalability of business and resistance to unexpected bursts
  • Optimized visual sales personnel dashboard including full CRM capabilities for maximum sales performance
  • Numerous performance reports at a click
  • Mechanism for rapid evaluation of leads handling priorities
  • User Profiling mechanism for higher retention and returns


  • Optimized conversion driven end-to-end system from campaign through leads to an active customer acquisition
  • Extensive marketing campaign management and user value assessment toolbox
  • Assessment allowing for improved budget allocation based on rapid evaluation of campaign ROI
  • Marketing manager dashboard (campaigns and tracking links)
  • Full real-time result, ROI reports and analysis
  • Built-in affiliates program
  • Support of multiple online and offline campaigns

Finance, Payments & KYC

  • Full control of fund transactions through all payment methods
  • Integration of all leading payment methods
  • Built-in regulation enforcement mechanisms minimizing exposure for human error and fraud attempts
  • Single-screen withdrawal and billing management dashboard fully integrated with CRM and user history measures
  • Comprehensive reporting features, automatically rebates and billing tracking, giving complete real-time information on all aspects of business operations
  • Potential fraud assessment mechanism marking suspected fraudulent users


  • Comprehensive reports on the traders’ and all company's employees activities
  • Operation performance indicators for real-time monitoring of key sales, marketing, dealing room and risk management factors allowing fast reaction and maximization of performance
  • Simple and powerful settings and configuration zone
  • Role-based authorization and access control
  • Extensive support for Business Units, White Labels and IBs


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