Who benefits from the ParagonEx system?

ParagonEX Business Development Team August 15, 2016

With a leading market system, the technology can benefit companies working in a variety of different trading areas. Here are just a number of types of companies who can benefit enormously from the market’s leading system:


Traditional Brokers – Going Online

The Forex market, like the Capital market, is undergoing a massive transition onto the Web but it's difficult to create and maintain a system which is robust yet scalable, secure and fast, advanced, easy to use and addresses today's web marketing challenges. “ParagonEx Go Online” offers brokers the quickest, simplest yet completely secure way to make the online leap.

Financial Institutes – Launching CFD Trading

Financial service providers need not only diversify their portfolio and hedge positions against currency fluctuations but to also create additional sources of revenues. However, any system being considered has to be completely secure, reliable and seamlessly integrated with their existing systems. “Launch Forex” provides full support for the entire trading cycle – from sales and marketing optimization, through trading interfaces, to monitoring and security.

Affiliates & IBs – Monetizing Traffic

Working for others has never been more frustrating but setting up your own operation used to be very expensive. One of your biggest assets is the user traffic which you generate but are unable to fully monetize. ParagonEx offers affiliates and Introducing Brokers a fully-hosted and affordable solution which is quick and simple to deploy. It also gives you customizable tools such as a campaign management system, which under experienced hands translates into a large income

Online Brokers – Optimizing Returns

Keeping your leading market position and retaining valuable users in this competitive industry is a key challenge. The difference between moderate and phenomenal success can lie in the ability to measure ROI for every sub-campaign, and respond in real time. ParagonEx provides an all-in-one solution for the entire trading cycle giving you the best hands-on solution the market can offer. 


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