Market Making Solution for Affiliates and IBs

ParagonEx Business Development Team August 25, 2016

When all the leads you generate don't result in substantial income for you, it's time to monetize your traffic. 

The exponential growth of the retail Forex and CFD market is attributed to a number of factors: offline traders going online, hedging activities and globalization driving users to seek currency diversification. Now more than ever, Affiliates and IBs enjoying large traffic but receiving little revenues are seeking a way to cross over and become Forex and CFD operators themselves. The logic is simple – they seek to utilize their user traffic assets, earn greater revenue and increase marketing ROI.

Probably the largest concern of IBs and Affiliates is associated with the costs of setting up their own operation. On the other hand investing much effort and resources in marketing for others resulting in relatively small compensation is always frustrating.

ParagonEx  is a turn-key solution enabling affiliates and IBs to become significant and independent market players. ParagonEx offers a fully-hosted solution which is quick and simple to deploy. It also gives you customizable tools such as campaign management system, which under experienced hands is able to deliver outstanding and immediate results.

Market Making Solution: Time to Go Independent

Key Advantages:

  • Translate your market knowledge and traffic to real income
  • Optimal control of the trading environment based on incorporating extensive and customizable dealing capability
  • Turn-key solution from front office to back office
  • Automatic clearance of all positions through a liquidity provider of your choice
  • Comprehensive warranty and post-warranty technical support
  • Fraud scoring and control of system security and integrity
  • Multilingual support
  • Marketing and advertising tools to optimize and monitor web traffic

Market Making with ParagonEx - Timeline:

  • Create a branded website according to your specifications (1 week)
  • Customize the system to your business model and preferred operation mode (1 week)
  • Train personnel on new system (1-2 weeks)