Becoming the #1 supplier of online trading technology

The Business Development Team August 25, 2016

ParagonEX is the provider of the most advanced Forex and CFD trading and back office platforms for the online Forex and CFD industry.

ParagonEX was founded in 2007 as a small technology company. Our initial technology offered brokers a simple off-the-shelf, stable trading platform and back office suite. Whilst these were simple beginnings, we were always focused on becoming the #1 supplier of online trading technology.

In order to reach this goal, we partnered with several brokers who could assist us in developing technology specifically geared toward enhancing their revenue and ours, and as a result, we have produced the industry’s most advanced trading platforms that has since helped clients generate revenues of millions of dollars.

ParagonEX is the provider of the most advanced Forex and CFD trading and back office platforms for the online Forex and CFD industry. The company is committed to pioneering the next generation of comprehensive, added-value solutions for Forex and CFD operators based on intimate industry experience and cutting-edge technologies.

Keeping abreast of the latest demands of Forex and CFD operators and information technology developments, ParagonEX continuously delivers the finest and up-to-date products. On the trader’s side of the platforms, ParagonEX offers cashback incentives, a unique algorithm which provides an up-to-date live stream of trading activity, and simplified 1-click trading. On the back office side, we offer a fully integrated system complete with business intelligence software, a Key Performance Indicator (KPI with visualised personal and team-oriented dashboards, designed to increase efficiency and promote healthy competition between sales teams.

Since its foundation and incorporation ParagonEX has consistently focused on customer needs. Our customer-centred development philosophy is based on real-world business insight, and aims to offer innovative products and services that maximize customer potential while ensuring long term profitability. Premium service and support provided by our expert team is tailored to meet the changing demands of the rapidly growing Forex and CFD market and complements this offering. In order to assist with communication, every customer is automatically allocated a dedicated account manager.

ParagonEX: Pioneering the next generation of online Forex and CFD platforms

Our vision is to offer customers – existing Forex and CFD operators wanting to upgrade their systems, as well as offline brokerages and financial institutions going online and diversifying their offering – an all-inclusive, customized and scalable platform that meets all needs, while integrating seamlessly with existing systems.

Special emphasis is put on reliability and security of this sensitive part of your business while keeping the deployment and launch of the platforms as simple and user-friendly as possible.