Launching Forex Solution for Financial Service Providers

ParagonEx Business Development Team August 25, 2016

With your clientele demanding more sophisticated and global products, retail Forex and CFD is the smartest choice.

In today's unpredictable global markets many financial service providers are seeking to offer additional services to existing clients. The Forex and CFD market, with a daily turnover of over $5 trillion, is by far the largest market in the world and constitutes an unparalleled opportunity to broaden the offering to clients. Financial service providers will now be able to not only diversify their portfolio and hedge positions against currency fluctuations but also to create a substantial source of revenues and a real growth engine.

Financial institutions require highly secure and reliable software that can integrate with their existing systems due to the sensitive nature of the information transferred through these channels. With that in mind, ParagonEx is a unique, quick-launch, customizable and comprehensive solution enabling financial service providers to tap into this vast market in a seamless way.

The ParagonEx fully-hosted solution requires no running costs, yet provides an all-encompassing solution which is highly secure and reliable, providing full support for the entire trading cycle – from sales and marketing optimization, through dealing interfaces, to monitoring and security. This is all possible through full integration with your existing software.


Launch Forex and CFD Solution: Simple, Secure and Reliable

Key Advantages:

  • Retain existing customers by offering them additional services
  • Branded Forex and CFD trading platforms
  • Generate revenue with minimal investment and without the overhead of a fulltime dealing desk - quick ROI
  • Flexible, modular and scalable solution with proven integration capabilities enabling easy and rapid implementation
  • Comprehensive warranty and post-warranty technical support
  • Full functionality back office and marketing tools with optimal control features
  • Automated real-time risk management
  • Marketing, analysis, billing, monitoring and risk assembling tools

Launch Forex and CFD with ParagonEX - Timeline:

  • Create a branded website according to your specifications (1 week)
  • Customize the system to your business model and preferred operation mode (1 week)
  • Train personnel on new system (1-2 weeks)