White Label Technology and a Branded Website

ParagonEx Business Development Team August 25, 2016

ParagonEx Trader is fully hosted, easily configurable and deployed complete turn-key solution

For your company’s customers, it’s vital that the front-end platforms are easily navigable and provide a user friendly experience for trading. For you, it’s also vital that the front-end is able to accommodate your unique business needs and can be easily edited in order to do so. The front-end has been designed with both your customer and you in mind. This technology enables you to create a white label company, utilising our state of the art technology and branded website with embedded platforms

ParagonEx Trader is fully hosted, easily configurable and deployed complete turn-key solution:

  • Fully customizable and brandable website
  • Tailor-made and deployed within a week
  • Requires simple maintenance
  • Multilingual support
  • All leading payment methods integrated
  • Integrated news, chat and financial calendar
  • Fully tuned for online marketing allowing Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and A-B testing for improved conversions

The platforms were designed to save you precious operational time giving you the ability to focus on other important aspects of building your business.

User Trading Interface

ParagonEx is one of the most user friendly trading systems on the market:

  • Intuitive user friendly interface design
  • User Sensitive Multi Skins matching the trading platforms to the user type
  • Integrated charting system
  • Integrated WalkMe tutorials, live help and trading activity feed
  • Web based: trade from anywhere any time
  • HTML5 - No installation, no Java, no ActiveX, no Flash
  • Firewall friendly and SSL 128b Secured

The platforms assure that users require little or no assistance in performing their trades, saving the operator high dealing room costs and valuable time.