Optimizing Returns Solution for Online FX and CFD Operators

ParagonEx Business Development Team August 15, 2016

In today's volatile global markets, with Forex and CFD trading reaching record breaking volumes, optimization of existing resources is the key factor to success.

Smart leveraging of existing customers is crucial for online Forex and CFD operators looking to grow and maintain their business. By utilizing the tremendous number of user searches, marketing ROI can now be doubled and even tripled and used to increase user values.

The greatest challenge facing online Forex and CFD operators is responding to the abundance of new online competitors through user retention and effective marketing efforts. The difference between moderate and phenomenal success can lie in the ability to measure ROI for every sub campaign, and respond in real time. Integration of a highly adaptable trading system, with an optimized website and comprehensive management tools is tricky, yet is the key to staying ahead of the competition. Such a trading system would include auto conversion and auto retention, to enable you to stay a step ahead of your competitors.

ParagonEx Optimize Returns" is a unique, quick-launch solution tailored for online Forex and CFD operators. ParagonEx provides an all-in-one solution for the entire trading cycle giving you tools you always wanted that allow you to control your staff, users and revenues. With these all-inclusive platforms, operators can run precisely targeted campaigns to retain existing customers, attract new customers and attain the highest level of returns.

Optimize Returns Solution: Two steps Ahead of Your Competition

Key Advantages:

  • Cut development and maintenance costs with a full SaaS solution
  • Increase ROI on marketing and sales
  • Upgrade marketing methods and attain a competitive edge using advanced advertising budget planning and management features
  • Exercise full control of spreads, commissions and other revenue streams
  • Real-time execution and automated risk management
  • Comprehensive warranty and post-warranty technical support
  • Real-time online reporting for end-users and administrators

Optimize Returns with ParagonEx and CFD - Timeline:

  • Create a branded website according to your specifications (1 week)
  • Customize the system to your business model and preferred operation mode (1 week)
  • Train personnel on new system (1-2 weeks)