Robust Trading Engine for Maximum Uptime

ParagonEx Product Team August 25, 2016

Catering to one of the biggest concerns of financial institutions, the platforms are sound and highly reliable

Within the industry, one of the biggest concerns amongst trading companies relates to the functionality of the trading platforms and technology. It’s impossible to stress just how essential it is that the platforms run smoothly, and that all technical issues are removed from the start. The longer the downtime, the less profitable the company will be.

Similar concerns apply during the integration system. A slow, complicated integration creates internal issues within the company, and when coupled with teething issues, normally caused by a failure to integrate with the company’s existing software, means that the trading business will suffer.

Our platforms provide a unique solution to these problems:

  • Scalable with virtually unlimited capacity for growth
  • Secure trading engine (SSL 128b)
  • Fully redundant with high availability cluster methodologies
  • Cutting edge data warehousing allows for real-time reporting
  • Provides top connectivity to feeds from leading banks
  • Customizable data streams

With a big emphasis put on security, these platforms remain highly flexible, giving you plenty of space to manoeuvre

  • Fraud scoring and control of system security and integrity
  • Multilingual support
  • Marketing and advertising tools to optimize and monitor web traffic

Market Making with ParagonEx - timeline:

  • Create a branded website according to your specifications (1 week)
  • Customize the system to your business model and preferred operation mode (1 week)
  • Train personnel on new system (1-2 weeks)