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The one-stop shop to all your traffic needs. Whether you’re looking for the
best conversion for your traffic or need quality leads. 

Outbound, inbound, ParagonEX Partners got you covered. 

Outbound Traffic

With a decade of experience in providing multi-lingual traffic for online brokers, ParagonEX Partners high quality, branded and non-branded leads from myriad sources.

The BEST Team

  • Multilingual, highly experienced and result-driven
  • Constant availability by phone, e-mail, WhatsApp, and Skype

The BEST Targeting

  • Performance-driven
  • Real-time data and statistics​
  • Zero fraud tolerance​

Inbound Traffic

We’ll buy your high quality, multilingual traffic and distribute it to a host of top brokers, all around the globe.

The BEST Brands

  • Global multilingual coverage
  • EU, GCC and Asian regulation
  • Established brokers with a proven track record

The BEST Technology

  • Cutting-edge routing algorithms ensure each lead reaches the right brand, at the right time
  • Fully-documented, easy to implement API
  • Detailed reporting

The BEST People

  • Dedicated account managers
  • Globally located centres ensure maximum uptime
  • Expert conversion-driving training
  • Multilingual sales and retention teams

The BEST Deals

  • Unique offers and promotions
  • CPA / CPL / CPM / CPI / Rev-share / Fixed fee
  • Custom-tailored plans

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