ParagonEX Prime
Our enterprise, end‑to‑end brokerage product.
Built by brokers, for brokers

With ParagonEX Prime, we offer large‑scale CFD brokers a total, custom‑tailored solution, including software, services and traffic provision.


With over 10 years of development and serving thousands of users, our Back‑office software is second to none. We continually improve it, optimize its code base and add new features.

Advanced CRM

  • Multi‑site support.
  • Personalized dashboards.
  • Flexible goals and KPI management.
  • Unique hot-leads algorithm.
  • Dialer integrations, with Click‑to‑dial and In-bound automated dialing
  • Role management and access control

Integrated KYC portal

  • Streamline KYC communications with automated messaging
  • Automatic filtering and handling of clients by risk potential

Marketing portal

  • Advanced BI centralizes data across departments Integration with all marketing channels
  • Monitor budgets, trends and KPIs

Trading Platforms

We offer multiple trading platforms, enabling you to reach the largest crowd of potential client. All our platforms are of course 100% integrated with the Back‑office, ensuring data flows unobstructed.

We offer:

  • CFD Trader: a desktop-oriented, browser-based platform
  • Native mobile apps: available on both iOS and Android
  • MW Trader: a browser-based platform for mobile devices to engage customers without a native app
  • MT4 Integration: meet the needs of professional traders

All our platforms include:

  • Gamified features and promotions to engage casual customers
  • Unique live feed with real-time analysis of market trends
  • Multi‑language support
  • Self‑conversion flows with bonuses and rebates, to encourage higher volumes
  • Embedded financial calendar


Running a large‑scale brokerage is not simple. With each ParagonEX Prime package, we provide you with a custom‑tailored range of services, and a dedicated account manager to make sure your requests are routed and handled efficiently.


  • Robust, scalable, and highly customizable
  • Optional CDN integration
  • Full redundancy, with 99.99% uptime, even in the most volatile market conditions
  • Multiple security layers including Reblaze WAF and DDoS protection

Liquidity providers

  • Multi-asset regulated liquidity
  • Centralized API connection
  • In‑house studio for branding, localization and campaigns
  • Easy integration with affiliates
  • Total integration with ParagonEX Network for all your traffic needs


Transfer existing assets and workflows with ease